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Brooks Hiller

Brooks Hiller


NMLS No. 219135

Brooks Hiller’s career in banking spans nearly 43 years, having served in various capacities including bank examiner, bank president, and mortgage company owner and president. He is the co-owner of Heritage Mortgage Company which opened its doors in 1992 and is currently in its 27th year of operation.

Over this period of time, Brooks has helped hundreds of borrowers buy or build their homes. His personal favorite are first time home buyers because he likes helping them achieve their goal of home ownership. He is making loans to grandchildren of customers he helped decades ago.

In addition to his mortgage banking career, he has been active in his community, having served as a Cubmaster, Boy Scoutmaster, President of the Rotary Club, President of the Chamber of Commerce, President of both the Houston Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Texas Association of Mortgage Brokers. He helped found the Southeast Texas Housing Finance Corporation and served as its first president. He has also served as the President of the Dayton Library Board and as Chairman of the Dayton Housing Authority, and he served two terms on the City Counsel of the City of Dayton, Texas.

Doug Laney

Douglas Laney

Executive Vice President

NMLS No. 1325957

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking to trade up, deciding to downsize, or simply wishing for a change, Doug and his team can help you before you ever make an offer on a property. Doug can sit down with you and look over your budget, income and savings, helping you get a clear picture of what type and amount of loan is realistic. There are many factors to consider when getting a home loan; interest rates are only one element of the complete package. Doug will help you consider all your options so you can concentrate on making the best decision for your needs.

The financial aspects of home buying can be stressful and overwhelmingbut they don’t have to be, not with a trained and caring professional like Doug in your corner. Contact Doug Laney today at (512) 787-8995 and let’s get started making your home-ownership dream come.

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